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Oral and maxillofacial medicin - Diagnosis and treatment

Értékelés: nagyszerű
Értékeld Te is!
István Sonkodi
Oldalszám: 452
Kiadás éve: 2009
ISBN: 9789639879485
Méret: A/4
Kötés: Keménytáblás, fényes fólia
Nyelvek: angol
Kiadó: Semmelweis Kiadó és Multimédia Stúdió

My aim was not only to give information illustrated with pictures, but also to make this book suggest and spread the importance of the cooperation between various fields of medicine. The best results may be expected only if dentists and physicians consider the mucous membrane of the mouth a "mini display" of diseases of the internal organs, where signs and symptoms of the body's pathological processes are presented. Thus the proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the skin and the oral mucosa are only possible with being acquainted with internal and systemic diseases and taking them into consideration. In this new, expanded and revised edition of the book I intended to further augment the number of color pictures (1827 photos) besides presenting diseases worth highlighting from my 35 years of clinical practice.
In an international comparison, the frequency and mortality rate of oral oncological diseases have increased dramatically in Hungary in the recent decades. During the expansion and revision of the book, I wanted to put special emphasis on providing support primarily in stomatologic tumor diagnostics and oncotherapy to help control the above-mentioned unfavorable tendency.
The teaching of foreign students and the presentation and treatment of tourists as patients urged me accomplish the book by including diseases occurring in geographically remote countries, and not or barely known in Hungary, to further extend our knowledge.
The pictures presented in the atlas were selected from photos taken of patients registered and treated at the Outpatient Department of Oral Oncology and Oral Medicine at the Faculty of Dentistry and Oral Surgery in Szeged since 1970.
As compared to the atlas published in 1992 (in Hungarian), the new monographic book is different, and hopefully offers more in that it provides help not only in oral and maxillofacial diagnostics, but also in therapy.
I took the clinical picture as a basis for diagnosing diseases; however, the final diagnosis was achieved by clinicopathologic studies (histology, electromicroscopy, immunohistology, microbiology, etc.).
I hope that this new edition reflects my experience in Oral and Maxillofacial Medicine, an experience that has "matured" for several decades; and hope that dental and medical practitioners and clinicians will benefit from this knowledge and use it for the better treatment and care of patients.
I also hope that this book will be able to provide useful supplementation for various specializations (otorhinolaryngology, dermatology, internal medicine, oral surgery, pediatrics, oncology, etc.) as well. In my opinion, this book may offer additional support for graduate and postgraduate education, and may be of interest among general practitioners, too.
I would like to believe that this handbook will not only work its way into Hungarian dental and medical practice, but will also take part in helping graduate and postgraduate education beyond the borders of the country.
I express my gratitude to the following colleagues for helping me complement the book with photos of the newly presented clinical pictures:
Prof. Ádám Kovács, Szeged, Hungary, pictures 9/120 and 17/131; Dr. Gábor Kocsis S., Szeged, Hungary, picture 2/11; Prof. Attila Dobozy, Szeged, Hungary, pictures 3/52, 3/53, 3/54, 3/57 and 3/58; Prof. Kristóf Füzesi, Szeged, Hungary, pictures 2/19, 2/20 and 2/21; Prof. K. W. Stephen, Scotland, picture 17/245; Prof. A. G. Farman, USA, pictures 2/73, 2/74, 2/75, 5/50, 5/51, 5/52, 5/58, 5/59 and 5/60; Dr. M. Hadithi, The Netherlands, picture 6/41; Prof. D. K. Daftary, pictures 3/22, 16/65 and 16/66; Prof. Arfan ul Bari, Pakistan, picture 4/5; Dr. J. M. Núnez Marti, Spain, pictures 3/80 and 3/81; Dr. P. Laschumroonvaropong, USA, picture 6/45; Dr. F. Femiano, Italy, pictures 10/183 and 10/184; Prof. Saverio Capodiffero, Italy, picture 17/187; Dr. D. Dakovic, Serbia, pictures 12/39, 12/40 and 12/41; Pablo Agustin Vargas, Brazil, picture 6/43; Dr. Arthur (Art) DiSalvo, USA, pictures 6/44 and 6/47; Dr. Leon Ardekian, Israel, pictures 17/218 and 17/219; Dr. Adolfo Arthur Nouel, Dominican Republic, pictures 2/29 and 2/93; Prof. Thisyakorn, Thailand, pictures 3/71 and 3/72; Prof. C. M. Allen, USA, picture 17/188.
I owe Katalin Susula Gazdagné thanks for typing the text and putting it into the computer. Terézia Henel, Csilla Gyöngyösi Enginé and Henrietta Guti assisted me in properly registering the patients. The photos were taken by László Vígh, Zsuzsanna Kiss-Dózsai Molnárné and István Sonkodi, and I am grateful to Mihály Dezső for scanning the pictures. Dr. Géza Regdon and Dr. László Módné helped me in writing the chapter on therapy. Katalin Márton and Mária Kocsó Hollcsikné were also of assistance to me.
It was an exceptional pleasure and privilege for me that Professor Jolán Bánóczy and Professor István Gera, who are recognized authorities in Hungary and also internationally, assisted me as consultant editors, and that I was able to rely on their professional advice.
Thanks are due to dr. Ágnes Baunok, dr. Zsuzsanna Jónás, dr. Csilla Keresztes, dr. Balázs Marton and dr. Gábor Marton for translating the Hungarian version of the book into English.
Finally, I would like to thank the staff of Semmelweis Publisher, and director László Táncos, for the beautiful and high-standard publication of the book.

István Sonkodi

1. Oral and maxillofacial diagnostics
2. Developmental and genetic disorders
3. Bacterial diseases
4. Protozoan diseases
5. Viral diseases
6. Fungal diseases
7. Diseases of the lips
8. Tongue diseases (glossopathies)
9. Physical, chemical and iatrogenic harms
10. Immune-based mucocutaneous diseases
11. Granulomatous mucocutaneous diseases
12. Oral manifestation of systemic diseases
13. Skin and mouth diseases in the orofacial region
14. Colour and pigmentation disorders of the skin and
mucous membrane
15. Benign tumors
16. Oral precancers and white lesions
17. Malignant oral tumors
18. Treatment of oral and maxillofacial diseases
(manufacturer's products)
19. Differential diagnosis of oral and maxillofacial diseases



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